My Favorite Veteran, Raymond F. Page, (aka Daddy Ray), A Proud World War II Marine

My father, Raymond F. Page, was one of the nicest & most honest men I have ever met. He grew up in the oil fields of central Kansas. His father, Fred Page, kept the oil pumps working for their owners and didn’t make a lot in return. Ray was born November 8, 1913 in Lincoln County, Kansas to Frederick Copeland Page and Myrtle Revella Shaver Page. He died June 22, 1998 in Wichita, Kansas. Raymond F. Page was my adopted father.

Ray received a full scholarship to attend Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas during the Depression. The scholarship was provided as long as he kept one of their buildings clean.  In return, he got to sleep on a cot in the basement. While at Southwestern College he met my mother, Harriett Kelley. Harriett was a Home Economics major who attended college while living at home with her parents. Life was a slightly easier for the Kelleys. Her father (Forrest Aaron Kelley, M.D.) was a physician in Winfield and often received food as payment during the Depression.

Raymond F. Page & Harriett N. Kelley married on June 11, 1939.

Ray & Harriett’s Wedding on June 11, 1939

From left to right, Fred Page (Ray’s father), Robert Kelley (Harriett’s brother), Reva Shaver Page (Ray’s mother), the minister, Ray Page (the groom) and Harriett Kelley (the bride), Mary Romick Kelley (Harriett’s mother), Forrest Kelley (Harriett’s father), Nadine Page (Ray’s baby sister), Earl Page (Ray’s brother), Patricia Kelley (Harriett’s sister) & Margaret Kelley (Harriett’s sister).

My father was a bit old for World War II.  Right before he was to be drafted into the Army, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corp in hopes that he might have a better chance of survival.  Ray had already graduated with a degree in Business and Accounting from Southwestern College and because of this, he was taken into the Marine Corp. at a higher rank.  Luckily for Ray, his main wartime duty was to be a pay officer in Hawaii.  The younger men called him “Pops”, and he spent his time in Hawaii making sure they all received their pay on time.

Raymond F. Page, Point Loma, CA, January, 1944

Ray & Harriett Page, Point Loma, CA, January, 1944

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  1. Thank you Jan, I have such fond memories of Uncle Ray – he was so sweet and gentle-

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