Kelley Family Photos

My Granny Kelley had twelve grandchildren. We were close in age and loved visiting each other during the summer. This photo was taken at Granny Kelley’s home in Winfield, Kansas in 1952.  I am in the back row between my cousin Mark and cousin Tim.  I would have been one year old. In the front row from left to right — Christie, Joe, baby Barbara on Susan’s lap, Granny holding baby Peter, next Mary and behind Mary is Pat. And to the right is John holding baby Martha.

Kelley Grandchildren

Forest Aaron Kelley & Mary Romick’s Wedding Day, 1909

The Kelley Family

I left my adopted Mother’s script on the bottom of the photo. She had very pretty and distinctive handwriting and printing. My mother, Harriett, is in the front left bottom corner. She labeled herself as “Mom”. I don’t know when this photo was taken. Forest Aaron Kelley was a doctor in Winfield, Kansas. He was an early believer in the danger of smoking. When he attended his Lodge meetings, he would sit near an open window while the rest of the men smoked cigars, cigarettes & pipes. His initials are F.A. Kelley, so the men started calling him “Fresh Air Kelley”

3 responses

  1. Jan, I’ve never seen a photo of Granny with Grand-dad. Thanks so much. What have you discovered about your birth family?

    1. please read some of the earlier posts — I’ve attached some photos of biological parents and some information. Thanks for enjoying the photos of Granny with Grand-dad.

  2. Fresh Air Kelley?! I love that!

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