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My New Prison Issue Glasses

I have the cutest, busiest, smartest, little Decker Rat Terrier named Tito.  Did I already mention the busiest?

Tito, the busiest Rat Terrier on the planet

Tito, the busiest Rat Terrier on the planet

Tito has a thing for eye glasses, especially those with designer frames costing over $300.00. My husband is lucky in that he had insurance for his glasses & quickly got them replaced. Me, not so lucky.  You are probably wondering why did we let him grab them more than once?  It is because this is the fastest dog on the planet.  All you have to do is turn your back & your glasses, wallet, keys, cell phone (i.e. anything that smells like you) will be gone.  Some of the glasses in this pile are “cheaters” and didn’t cost much.

Tito grabbed Gil’s wallet one day and shredded his paper money.  Gil took the pieces to the bank and they have to refund your money if you can find enough pieces to scotch tape together.  Luckily we grabbed the pieces before they disappeared.

Glasses that Tito has munched on.

Glasses that Tito has munched on.

So, to make a long & painful story short, I went into The Spectacle Shoppe, Inc. (Kent & Roxie’s)

and found the most fabulous pair of glasses and the frames only cost $60.00!  They are inexpensive because  this is what gets issued to prisoners.

They are made of 100% nylon and don’t have metal in the side pieces that could be made into a shiv.

Definition of a shiv — Slang for a knife or any other small cutting/stabbing weapon, often homemade; think inmates with sharpened toothbrushes or side pieces of eyeglasses.


I went online and found a Prison Forum that addresses these “Prison Issued Glasses” that I personally think are extremely stylish.    The thread is titled “Eyeglasses 4 My Man“.

I’ve copied two of the remarks about the “fugly” glasses —

At some prison they do have some they give them, but they are so ugly, at Will’s unit they are big, black plastic ones that make the guys look so bad. Will says he’s to cute to wear them LOL, I told him well then your cute A$$ can just be blind then. LOL So needless to say he sits at the front of his class LOL

Where Roger is in Illinois, he cant send his script out anymore. He has to use the Buddy Holly type glasses. The IDOC doesnt allow the wordly kind of glasses because they are made of metal and have those little screws.

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