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Francis Woodruff Family

I remember trying to find family information before the internet, but it was a slow and arduous job. Now, with the internet, fast computers and the plethora of online documents — it is so pleasurable that it can become an addiction. I “met” the author of the blog titled “Chips Off the Old Block” online because we share many common ancestors. My Dickinson ancestors married into the Woodruff family (or vice versa). The Dickinson family is my link to the Mayflower. Rather than rewriting “Chips” blog post about Francis and Mary Jane Woodruff’s family, I am going to reblog it. Their daughter Emma married John W. Dickinson. I’ve written about John being a dentist in Brooklyn, NY, in an earlier post. And his father was a coroner in Williamsburgh (Williamsburg), NY. (please see earlier posts)

John H. Dickinson, My 3rd Great Maternal Grandfather

John H. Dickinson was the Coroner of the City of Williamsburg, NY. It is such a coincidence that my daughter and her family live in Williamsburg, which is now part of Brooklyn, NY. We’ve gone a full cycle back to our genealogical roots. Unfortunately for John H., he died in his 40th year of age.

John H. Dickinson married Mary Weeks. They had seven children and all died in infancy or unmarried except two, Anne, Born 1839 who married H.M. Funston, and John W. Dickinson who married Emma Woodruff and had four children. I am here because of John W. Dickinson — but more about him later.

John H. Dickinson (1816 – 1853)
is your 3rd great grandfather

John W. Dickinson (1843 – 1916)
Son of John H.

Mary Emma Dickinson (1877 – 1919)
Daughter of John W.

Florence Adele Lamb (1903 – 1984)
Daughter of Mary Emma

Grace Adele Britt (1928 – 1975)
Daughter of Florence Adele

Janet K. Page (aka Ellen Britt)
You are the daughter of Grace Adele

Below is John H. Dickinson’s Obituary. They took his body back to Oyster Bay, NY on some kind of wagon with horses. I imagine he wasn’t in the best shape upon arrival.

John H. Dickinson graduated from Columbia School of Medicine. I emailed Columbia University and received the following documents — they are difficult to see, but say that John Dickinson has been a student of medicine for three years and is of good moral character and is over twenty one years. (no Doogie Howser, my John H. Dickinson)

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